Benfield Hall

Whether you are seeking a short stay or permanent placement we would like to introduce you to the home, the staff and the way in which we can help towards your needs and requirements.

Benfield Hall is a specialist 24-hour nursing staffed adult mental health unit providing intensive slow stream rehabilitation within a client-centred rehabilitation and recovery model.

The unit provides placements that aim to support individuals to maximise their independence and move to less supported accommodation.

Our starting premise in all cases is that service users have strengths, skills and abilities and that they can use these strengths as a platform to build upon as they take a step towards recovery.

The Home has 20 beds. We typically cater for adults aged 18-65 years of age (although we also have older service users) at Benfield Hall, those with nursing needs mental health problems such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, mood disturbance or behaviour that some people may find challenging. We also specialise in caring for ‘terminally ill’ residents or you may have heard it called ‘palliative care’.


Respite Bed

Benfield Hall has a track record of providing both planned and crisis respite care. Service users are often referred for a short stay as an alternative to hospital admission during a mental health crisis. Planned respite acts as a ‘safety net’ enabling people to live independently or with family while knowing they have the support of a break at a 24 hour staffed unit with people they know and feel comfortable with.

We have specially trained staff who are experienced in looking after people with mental health issues. To help identify your needs and goals we use an assessment tool known as The Recovery Star. Mental health professionals often talk about using the recovery model or adopting a recovery approach in their work. This means that they aim to help people by encouraging them to think about their strengths and abilities and the changes they can make in their lives to take control, reach their goals and achieve improved mental wellbeing.

The Manager is in charge of the Home and will be happy to answer any queries. If the Manager is not on duty any of the nurses or care staff will be able to assist you with any queries you may have.

The aims of our Home are to ensure you are happy at all times and satisfied with the care you receive, and to provide a comfortable and relaxed home to suit your individual needs. Benfield Hall is designed to be your home from which you can run your life, do the things you want to do and make the most of your abilities.

We will treat you with respect and dignity and ensure your privacy is maintained at all times. Your family and friends are welcome to visit at any time.

We have very few rules except we wish in turn to be spoken to and treated with equal respect and that other service users are respected also.

During your stay at the Home you are free to spend your days as you wish, either in a lounge area with other service users or in your own room. Likewise with meals you may wish to eat in your own room or join other service users in the dining room.



Benfield Hall was opened 20 years ago to provide 24 hour nursing care for those suffering with enduring mental health problems. Many of our service users have come from the local area and continue to remain in touch with families, friends and the local community.

At Benfield Hall we value each and every individual who comes to live here. We welcome applications from people of all walks of life and many different needs, who enjoy the opportunity to share and celebrate the richness and diversity of their experiences.

Benfield Hall is situated in pleasant grounds in a residential area close to the town centre and with easy access to other major places by public transport. The accommodation is contained over two floors, with a lift making access to every room and facility readily accessible. We have some rooms with en-suite facilities. There are two communal lounges, offering quiet areas where you can sit and relax, a dining area and bathrooms adapted with specialist equipment. Placements aim to support individuals to maximise their independence and build upon their strengths, skills and abilities, moving towards recovery and less supported accommodation.


Our Philosophy is to create a warm welcoming atmosphere where we will at all times recognise the service user as an individual person with self-worth and self-respect.

We provide a homely, safe environment, aiming to earn service users trust and confidence by listening to individual wishes and not imposing our own ideas and beliefs.

We will respect people’s need for privacy and independence, but ensure any help required is provided willingly and professionally. We will encourage Individuals to have choices in relation to all aspects of daily living and support their decisions as far as possible, conducting risk assessments as necessary.

We shall support Individuals and their families through the changes relating to their illness with dignity and respect, regardless of their state of health, race, culture or beliefs.

We believe service users and staff have the right to live or work in the Home in an environment of mutual respect, free from any form of abuse.

We make every effort to provide each person with the care and support that they need in line with their assessed requirements and their wishes and feelings. We assess and manage risks to ensure people’s safety and well-being. We will maintain confidentiality and disclose information only to those with a right to know.

Mission Statement

People who Use the Services must experience effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs and protects their rights.

We are committed to providing a quality service supported by evidence-based practice and on-going training and development of staff to achieve our aim of providing support and care to all who come into contact with our service.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of those experiencing enduring mental health issues and their family, friends and significant others during what may be a difficult time in their lives. This is achieved by creating partnerships in care with the service users, families, friends and fellow professionals ensuring that, wherever possible, the informed agreement of our service users provides greater choices and empowerment in critical decision-making events.

We will promote an open, transparent, honest and enabling service which is receptive to advice and comments from others, thus ensuring best and safe practice.

Complaints will be investigated sensitively and impartially within a reasonable, realistic time-frame. We shall make available to relatives, friends and significant others as quickly as possible all relevant information that has an impact on service users and will aim for an inclusive service.

We will ensure Benfield Hall is at all times welcoming, friendly and inviting, and that service users are always treated with respect, dignity and warmth.


Home Objectives

  • To develop an open and transparent service, enabling all service users to achieve optimum independence within the limitations of their abilities.
  • To provide a stimulating environment, appropriate to the needs of all service users
  • To obtain the views of the service users, their families and others through regular care reviews and residents, relatives and staff meetings. Service users will be actively involved, where possible, in care planning and reviews and, with the service user’s consent, families and friends may also participate.
  • We will ensure our service users have access to all support services.
  • Service users will be encouraged to exercise choice in all aspects of their care and leisure needs.
  • Where service users are unable to make their own choices or make informed decisions, the views and preferences of relatives, friends and others will be respected where appropriate.
  • To safeguard service users rights and defend their choices and decisions and ensure risk assessments are appropriate as seen by their advocates or the multi-disciplinary team.
  • To ensure privacy, security, dignity and self-respect are maintained at all times in relation to personal care and all other aspects of life in The Home.
  • To maintain confidentiality of all information and only reveal this with either the consent of the Individual, or persons authorised to give or receive such information.

Staff at the Home

Benfield Hall has a variety of well trained and caring staff. We pride ourselves in the personalised care we give you and hope you feel you can talk to us and that you feel comfortable in our care. We operate a named worker system providing one-to-one and group support, helping service users to develop the life skills required to live more independently. We would like to share in your happy times and we would like to help with any concerns or worries you may have as well.

The Manager, who is a registered nurse, is responsible for the daily running of the Home. The Manager also manages the staff and deals with the financial and administrative running of the Home.

There is always a Registered Nurse on duty in the Home 24 hours a day to ensure that an excellent level of care is available for you which is maintained at all times. The nurses who work here are trained mental health nurses.

The Care staff are all qualified to NVQ level 2/diploma standard and many of the carers have opted to extend their qualifications to NVQ/diploma level 3.

All care and Nursing Staff have undertaken specialised training areas specific to your needs. They also receive statutory training regularly and training plans are in place to ensure they retain their skills.

The activities co-ordinator in the Home arranges daily activities including art and craft sessions, coffee mornings/afternoons, arm-chair aerobics/exercise sessions, 1:1 outings, museum/cinema trips, knit & natter, quiz sessions, karaoke, entertainers, support to attend back to work courses/college courses/workshops and many more.

There are also trips out to various shows and places of interest. Also the co-ordinator will spend some one-to-one time with you if that’s what you prefer.

We have a head chef who oversees our kitchen staff. They will ensure that your meals are fresh, timely and nutritious.

We have a full-time maintenance man within the Home. He will ensure that all minor repairs are dealt with and that the Home is always freshly decorated and tidy at all times.

A full list of staff and their qualifications is held in the office. If you want to see a copy of this please ask our Manager or Administrator.


Care Practices

At Benfield Hall we specialise in Nursing Care and are proud of the manner in which we look after those we care for. All qualified staff are Registered Mental Health Nurses and have a variety of relevant training and experience.

The care you will receive will be given with the greatest dignity and planning after having assessed your needs with yourself and your family if you wish.

We will ask you your likes and dislikes and personal preferences regarding how you live in the home. Your care plan will have a daily record of your care and daily life, but you can see this at any time please just ask the person in charge who will discuss this with you. A consent form and agreement must be signed by you or a member of your family.

We also provide “Palliative Care” or “Care for the Dying”, also known as “End of Life Care”. This may sound strange but can be very comforting for the service user and their families in a time of great distress and feelings of loss.

A service user is very special to everyone and all those involved are incorporated and care discussed openly as is wished by those concerned. For more information regarding this type of care please ask the Home Manager.

Benfield Hall is very open and relaxed. We wish the Home to be driven by the service user with minimal restrictions from the staff. It has a very friendly atmosphere and you are most welcome to have a look around at any time, entertain your family and friends and make it your home too.


Lifestyle in the Home

The home has very few rules and regulations. Visitors are welcome at any time. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you may go about your life as you wish. You may entertain guests in your room or in any of our lounges. You may leave the Home at any time but please tell the person in charge so we are aware of your whereabouts.

A No Smoking policy is in operation within the Home and smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas. The Manager will advise you where the designated areas are.

You may arrange your room as you wish and bring in any items of personal furnishings, decorations, music, television etc. Please see the Manager to ensure the items are suitable for your allocated room.

Any items of great value should be taken home as Benfield Hall cannot be responsible for expensive individual items of jewellery or furnishings. You may if you wish bring in small pieces of furniture and room decorations to personalise your room, but please see the Manager first. CQC will in the future have strict regulations of what may be brought into the Home on admission but we will advise you accordingly.

All electrical items must be P.A.T. tested before use in your room. Our handy man will arrange this testing for you.